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Default Re: New Bike Build

I set up the duals so that the braking is split about 60/40 front/back.. it works for me, I advise others to do what they're comfortable with. When I tried with three levers at the beginning I had trouble with the clutch and brake levers overlapping and arguing for space so I went to duals. As I said, to each thier own, whatever makes you happy is the right way for you.

As for how they're set up, when I pull the lever (standing still) if I try to push the bike forward, the wheel is locked and the bike lifts.. at the same point if I pull the bike backward, the back wheel just barely turns (rather than mimicing a wheelie).

I treat curves and turns the way I was taught to with regards to racing, light or gentle brake going into the first 1/3rd of the turn, coast in the middle third, accelerate out in the last 3rd of the turn.


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