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Default Re: What is more reliable?

my $.02

Running moped to running motorbicycle, the moped wins. It has better brakes, suspension, tires and accessories. Nothing wrong with a 78 as long as parts are available. Much friendlier and less silly looking to a big guy (gorilla on a mini bike). also, it has a variator, which can be nice.

Broken moped to broken motorbicycle, at least you still have a bike.

for a 17 mile journey every day to work... I'd do the moped. but I have a license.
Idk what they are worth around you, but that would be a good deal on a running moped of nearly any sort out here.

If I didn't have a license and could legally ride a motorbicycle I'd do that. Wouldn't want to make it harder to get it back getting busted.

Of course, If he buys a bike kit there is potential he could sell it to you cheap down the road...
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