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Default Re: First run today!

Thanks for the oil info Tom, I did not know that! After 48 years on the planet, I'm still learning stuff. I baby my bike around town, usually cruising at 20 to 25 MPH, light throttle (less than 1/2), on account of the harsh vibes it produces. Well, that on top of the rigid frame & an unsprung banana seat that kicks my @$$ over 30! But before I retarded my mag rotor with a rocket key, it was so bad that even with locktight & double nuts, it would still rattle stuff loose. My chain guard tore through the metal tab that bolts to the motor, got to work one morning & discovered it missing. Metal tab was still attached to the motor but the guard had torn free. I want my bike to last a while, I may occasionally rip it wide open on accelleration but once I get it up to speed I back off. If I'm at a red light for more than 30 seconds, I kill it & bump it off when the light turns green to save gas. Because of my riding habits, in addition to the extra Marvel Mystry Oil that I add to the mix, that may be why I haven't noticed any lubrication issues so far. There are no steep hills here and I barely tip the scales at 150 fully dressed with a full belly, so my bike doesn't see 'Heavy' loads.

After reading all of this, now I'm thinking I should quit being stingy with money when I purchase oil for my bike. There are several motor bike shops here in my town, I'm sure that SOMEone stocks good quality synthetic 2 cycle oil like Opti2, and if push comes to shove there's always the internet.
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