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Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Got pictures?
It is very common for the stock exhaust to hit the pedals. The most common fix is to file the bolt holes in the header flange (where it bolts up to the cylinder) to elongate them a little. Only file the side of the holes that will allow you to move the exhaust in the direction you want it to move to.
We call that 'reamy reamy' here, and don't use a file.
We just get a drill bit the size of the mount holes, then just ream each hole up and down some so they are more like grooves than holes.
As mentioned this will allow you to twist the pipe in some.
Also note you can put an extra exhaust gasket or two on to move the pipe forward.

Paint it with BBQ paint when it is done to protect it from rust.
BBQ paint is garbage, at least the Ace hardware stuff is. It just leaves an oily runny mess.
We use nothing but PlastKote high temp engine enamel for everything on an MB. The auto parts store around the corner from me carries it. It's expensive at ~$10 a can but the stuff is awesome.
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