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Default Re: First run today!

If you have good luck with outboard oil, good for you but... Outboard oil is formulated for water cooled engines that typically run cooler than air cooled ones. As long as the engine isn't abused, run at WOT in hot weather or under heavy loads the outboard oil might be sufficient. Just be aware that most aren't made for air cooled engines.

There are outboard oils available that specifically say "can be used in air cooled engines" but if they don't you could see a lack of lubrication due to the oil breaking down with heat.
Something else to keep in mind is that our bike engines, especially the Chinese 2 stroke, does not have any internal cooling capacity. Unlike lawn and garden equipment that utilize cooling fans and shrouding, our engines rely on moving air passing over the cooling fins of the cylinder and cylinder head to dissipate heat. Long term idling or slow riding in hot weather can stress your oil/lubrication.

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