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Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Yep its all about what someone wants and what works for them for sure, as far as regulation like you spoke of we dont have to worry about any of the kind of stuff in Texas, Im happy to live in an American state that prides its self on a low amount of government regulation on things like this.

My bigges concern with dual levers is braking while cornering, just a slight amount of brake pressure on the front wheel while tire is on dirt or on a little gravel or water on pavement and the chances of the front of the bike sliding out from under is way higher then it is if only rear braking is used while cornering, I do use both front and rear when stopping when going straight and on pavement, having a front break adds a huge amount of stopping power, on my motorcycles I use the front brake a lot more than the rear many times because it's so affective in slowing you down quicker with just a little pressure on the rear brake.

Im with you on this one.. Having control of each brake is way safer in my opinion then applying both at the same time. Also isn't it something like you should be applying 70% front and 30% back while stopping on a motorcycle or motor bike... The front alone stops me very well right now but I would like to get a back one put on incase I do have to slow down while turning.
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