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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Got some riding done. Was hoping for a bit more than that. I motored down to the local O'Reilly's Auto Parts store to do a bit of brainstorming (and browsing, can't lie). I have a place on my tank, just back of the gas cap, where a little bit of fuel always seems to get on the paint and dissolves it off. So I was looking a fuel-proof washer (wouldn't really solve anything because it seems to be only a drop or two coming out the vent hole) and/or maybe something to cover the paint with.
The employees there had no workable ideas that they thought would last even short-term. But they were perfectly willing to ogle the bike. One said he'd seen me going by now and then, and had been hoping for a closer look. They loved the thing. It sure beat the last time when I had a guy point and say "What's that?" as if I'd ridden up on the back of a Howler Monkey or something.

"There is nothing wrong with wanting a motorbike that is an extension of your personal taste and fashion sense; if you must ride somewhere, I say do it with style!"
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