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Thumbs up Re: Just bought a TIG Welder but Ive never welded in my life?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
If you were "burning through" then you'll want to lower the amps, not raise them. Not familar with your machine but I'd say start at 30 amps and see where that takes you on thin metal.
Also don't try to make one long weld. Stitching is better on thin stuff. tack here, move away and make another tack. Keep doing that making short tack welds until the parts are held together then go back and start filling in the gaps but again use the stitch and skip method. The thinner the material you're welding the more experience it will take to do a good job.

You'll also eventually see the problem of your work bending, or leaning in toward the side you're welding on. This is due to metal shrinkage. Try alternating the weld from one side to the other, if possible, to keep your pieces from leaning or warping away from where you want them.

I mean I will start with low amps now and if needed raise them. Right now Iam just making beads on scrap metal until I get the hang if it. Thanks for the advice.
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