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Default Re: Found a Sweet Engine, What Now?


Finding a large enough master cylinder piston is one of the big problems with a dual caliper setup. I found some for large motorcycles, however these levers are often expensive. I don't even know if they will mount to bicycle handlebars.

I think I have decided to swap brake levers so that the front is on the right. That way, I will have easy access to the most important brake. Then, if I do not like having a clutch and brake in the same spot, I will fab up a thumb brake for the rear. It's easy enough to do with a right lever flipped upside down.

I also picked up a XR100 clutch assembly. It turns out that the xr-100 uses 4 clutch pads and 3 plates in its clutch basket versus 3/2 on the XR80. I'm not sure if I need the upgrade, but it means the clutch should last longer! I'm excited about slipping this clutch as much as I want since replacement clutch sets are around $40!

Thanks for the helpful comments.
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