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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

It will probably be hard to get thick grease to the bearings, I have a u-joint needle that has a zerk fitting to use a grease gun that works good for this. It is small enough to stick in the threaded hole so you can pump grease inside. I just today took down one of my engines for a similar noise in the transmission, mine had a scraping sound you could hear with engine off and pedaling. I took off the flower nut and clutch plate and spun the clutch by sprocket, and noticed the large gear was not totally true it had a slight wobble. I removed the large gear anyway to check the bearing undernieth, I spun the shaft again and it was smooth and true. I put mine back together, now that I know the source I'm OK with it.
Your results may not be the same,Greg

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