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Originally Posted by Gravity View Post
Also if anyone has a solution for this gas tank, Id appreciate it. I couldn't find another place for it. Its mounted on top of the wires to shift gears on the bike, so im stuck in one gear. I have it in the best gear for pedaling and wont be doing any shifting since theres a motor on the bike but would like to solve the problem just in case. Thanks
On many bikes that can be a problem. If you can, re-route the cables to the underside of the top bar. If it's a problem with welded-on cable stays (loops it passes through), you have two options (that come to my mind right away)..

Either cut the stays off the bar, and grind/sand smooth where they were welded (the cable(s) can be tied up underneath after the tank is mounted or position is determined).. I did this for my cruiser, which gave me the added bonus of a sample of each colour paint to take with me to match at the store..


Build up a series of layers of rubber strips to go under the tank against the top bar, so that you build up support between cables. By doing this you can vary the widths of the strips to go between/beside cables.. I've done this on my beast, and a couple of other mtn bike frames where the cable stays are needed for the operation of the shifter system. To try to explain, my beast has a 'stack' of 5 (or maybe 6) strips between tank and frame in a sort of I-beam shape. The number depends on the thickness of material you work with. A strip 1" wide, goes against the bar under the cables (they are raised slightly by the stays holding them). I have 3 (or 4) 1/2" wide strips stacked on that that run between the cables, then another 1" wide strip across the top. To make it easier to handle I used the ultra-thin two-sided tape that comes with window seal kits to hold the layers together.


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