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Default Re: Just bought a TIG Welder but Ive never welded in my life?

Originally Posted by oldtimer54 View Post
Ive brazed all my bikes, Ive never welded before
Buy some 1/16" silicon Bronze rod. You are familiar with brazing, and you can braze with the TIG torch just about the same way. Starting here will get you up to speed on using the arc instead of a flame.

Ive tried to make a few beads but they look really bad and the back side of the bead looks worse (to much amps?)
Too much current usually melts through. Too little & you stay in one spot too long heating the the metal - and the HAZ grows. Think of the arc as the flame on your torch - turn up the current & the flame gets hotter. Increasing the tungsten size is like changing the tip on your OA torch.

Does anyone know how to set the controls on this rig?
The auction for that machine has very little info. For TIG welding steel, use DC current with the negative connected to the torch. Pre-flow on that machine can be set fairly low, about 10 to 20 % of the dial. Set the post flow at 50% of the dial to start.

Ive been looking on Youtube but I don't find any info on metal prep, how to setup the Argon, what AMPs to run on what thickness metal, pre / post gas settings, slope settings stuff like that. Could you guys take a look at that machine and fill me in on how set it up? Any advise at all would help. Thanks.
Metal prep? Clean. A freshly sanded surface with no scale is good. TIG uses no flux, so everything must be CLEAN. Even TIG brazing is done without flux.

Argon? Try a flow of 10 SCFH on the flowmeter. A lot depends on the cup size & local conditions. Indoors in still air? not much argon is needed. Outdoors in a light breeze? Use a bigger cup & more flow.

Amps are heat. Since you don't have a foot pedal to set the heat as you weld, you will need to adjust the current & do a short test weld - like setting the flame on your OA torch.

The down slope is a control that you would need to read the manual for. Big commercial MIG machines have slope control, but I can't even guess at what this control does on a TIG. Try a 50% setting & see what it does. Then try 10%.

For videos, look here:

He has hundreds of videos on Youtube.

Now, it is sunday, and you want to play with your new machine.

Grind a point on a 1/16" tungsten & put it in the torch. Use a cup with about a 3/8" hole at the tip.

Grab a piece of steel 3/16' to 1/4" thick. Clean it off with a flap wheel to fresh, bare steel.

Set the current to 50 amps. Start the arc & hold the tungsten about 1/8" from the plate. Get a puddle started, and move the torch just like you would the OA torch. Just drag a puddle, no rod.

Now grab a piece of solid copper house wire with the insulation removed. Start a puddle on a clean spot on the plate, and dab the copper at the puddle like you would with the OA torch & a brazing rod. This is copper brazing.

Practice, practice, practice. Try different amp settings. 100 amps max for 1/16" tungsten.
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