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Default Re: New Bike Build

I've got one of these when I was thinking I might be building up an old Atala road frame I have sitting around-

it's TALL- 24" and it would probably hang under the top bar at the front of the frame and have just enogh space to get the cap off-

This little plastic tank doesn;t weigh ANYTHING!

but what we need is something with a bit of a side fill- and just not there yet-
Also, wouldn't some kind of nice small universal CRUISER TANK be nice? to occupy the space where the old fake tanks were on "tank cruisers"?

Just not there- after all these years- CORPORATE CONSPIRACY!-

What HAS come along? the GALLON/ 4 LITER teardrop tank, with the same HEAVY HEAVY cap. I even see a 5 LITER teardrop on ebay now-


I recall as a kid seeing "hot Rod" gas caps in the auto stores in the 60's EXACTLY like the gas caps on our motorized bikes. I wish I could lose the hot rod cap at least- the two liter tank I have isn't that heavy- but more gas than I need really- and I could get by with a plastic water bottle's worth of fue at a time for the local utility riding I use the bikes for.
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