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Default Re: New Bike Build

You could maybe get a rear luggage rack tank- boygoesfast and some of the other vendors have them-

for the rear sprocket, maybe you could get an alloy sprock with the six bolt pattern to screw right on where the disk brake was- You might be able to lose the tensioner too then- and the smaller the sprocket the more likely to clear the frame- If you used titanium bolts you'd be saving POUNDs of weight.

I don't suppose the back wheel stays have a cross brace over the whells with a drilling for a caliper brake? If it does then you're in business to replace the brake.

The gas tanks have become a personal pet peeve of my own, and i've meant to do a thread about it- maybe soon- but I've been waiting years for something smaller and lighter- there's nice plastic tanks with lightweight vented plastic caps for pit bikes, but very few of them could ever fit a very few bike frames- I found this problems a few years back when I was building a Schwinn World Sport- the top tube on a diamond road frame is just too short to put a tank on without it being in the way of peddaling.

Kings and gasbike have listed an under bar tank for years- and at only $15 too- but guess what?

IT'S NEVER IN STOCK! I've checked for years now.

As I've said before- it's all about selling gasoline, and keeping the weight of a otorized bike/moped from being ridiculously low-

I could build a vintage road or touring bike with a 50cc motor right now that weighs barely more than 40 pounds- my 50 cruiser build with 700c wheels weighs only about 45 now unloaded- and still cruise at 25 and peak up to 30-

If a smaller motor was feasible- i'd probably opt for it- I'd love a 40 cc with a stock muffler that has a pipe another six inches in the front- AND it would be even quieter than my 50 now-

but it just ain;t gonna happen in the oli controlled corporate conglomerate world-
it's TOO PRACTICAL! (especially here in florida)
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