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Question Just bought a TIG Welder but Ive never welded in my life?

Hi guys I just bought a 3 in 1 TIG Welder its a SIMADRE 2014 5200DX :
Ive brazed all my bikes, Ive never welded before so I need to get up to speed.
Anyone here want to help me get up to speed? Ive tried to make a few beads but they look really bad and the back side of the bead looks worse (to much amps?) Does anyone know how to set the controls on this rig? Ive been looking on Youtube but I don't find any info on metal prep, how to setup the Argon, what AMPs to run on what thickness metal, pre / post gas settings, slope settings stuff like that. Could you guys take a look at that machine and fill me in on how set it up? Any advise at all would help. Thanks.

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