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Default Re: Flux-core/MIG for frame welding?

I have been welding with all types of machines since around 1974 as a kid and then did it for a living in 1979. I closed our shop down for family health reasons in 2006 and My house doesn't have 220v so I cant run my machines at home. Instead of wiring up my house I bought the Harbor Freight 99a Flux Core machine and you can get decent looking welds with it and the welds are strong. You can even weld heavier materials if you pre-heat with a torch. They are not the best machine to weld with but the comments that they don't make strong welds are incorrect. If you have welding experience they work fine they just aren't the best welder there is but at $100 they are a good little machine. I just built a 20" BMX bike with a china girl on it with one.
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