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Default The Creation Of "The Dragon Lady"

Creating "The Dragon Lady"


One thing leads to another.

It will take a few days to contact Dave Staton and have a new freewheel sprocket flown in.

Soooo, I might as well strip down "The Iron Dragon" to original. Then I'll have a front suspension fork installed. To reinstall the front friction drive assembly onto a suspension fork, I'll need to bolt this on to secure the front support rods: Delta Mega Rack Shock Treatment Bicycle Front Rack: Sports & Outdoors

Then I'll connect a Staton REAR friction drive with 1.375" roller and 6hp Polini engine onto the FRONT fork.

While "The Iron Dragon" is down for repairs/renovation, "The Dragon Lady" is being created. Today I removed the front friction drive assembly. Since "The Dragon Lady" has a suspension fork, I used the abovementioned rack to help install the front drive assembly. However I installed a pocketbike engine up front and bolted on a Staton rear drive with 1.5" roller and 2.2hp Mits engine.

The pocket bike 49cc engine has reed valves, Rockitt timing key, 14/14 Dellorto replica carb and ADA expansion pipe. With a 1.25" roller, this engine should push the bike to 35 mph at 11,250rpm.

At 35mph, the Mitsubishi engine with 1.5" roller should be turning 8900rpm, which should be close to its rpm limit.

This is my "back up" bike until "The Iron Dragon" flames on again.
Honey, it's just a bicycle. and i REALLY need it to excercise, and to ride it to work.(hehe)
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