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Default Re: flat tires on a motorized bicycle (do not turn tire inside out)

aleman i decided after your post to try again. this time four of us and what the problem was is the bead was rolled and we had to role it back which was impossible to do with just two hands because it would just role back in when you tried to work around the tire, had three of us last night and figured i would try again today with 4 of us, we had to roll the bead out with each person holding their roll out so it did not roll in again and finally got it so i could at least get it on the rim, over filled the tire and let it sit for an hour and then let the air out and inspected and all was good, i know i will never turn a tire inside out again, living on an island that most things you order from the states and the bicycle shop that is about the size of a closet is only open 4 hours on 2 days a week with very little stock we have to wait a week to get things. i will say it keeps you from giving up, just to bad i ordered another tire last night, guess i will have a spare motorized bicycle tire on hand
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