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Default Re: New here, with a DIY Chainsaw Bike

Thank you very much, RC! It's quite a head turner around the neighborhood.

I just got back from a particularly enjoyable cruise in the sunshine. There was a mild headwind at times, but I just crouched down into the handlebars "racing style" to decrease my wind drag to compensate. It's obvious I'm getting much better fuel economy with the peg method compared to the original clutch. No way to know for sure how much, because I haven't mounted a speedo/odometer yet. I know it is sizable. I used roughly a half of the saw tank to go the distance roughly a full tank would take me before- NICE! It doesn't hold much more than a typical weed whacker/ blower tank, but that is a serious and notable increase in efficiency. With the saw and reserve tanks full, I should be able to get about anywhere I would normally go around here. Every change thus far has been for the better. I think I'm finally ready to call the bike completed. I almost want a front suspension fork now, because one left over from my little bro's first dirt bike has been staring at me from the start of this build... That would be the perfect ending. However, I know when to leave well enough alone. If I end up doing it, that's all. I'd hate to screw it up by getting greedy with the amenities.
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