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Default Re: Getting Aero - Speed Gains

The shell on the bike in the pic LR posted could be built fairly easily with the wood bulkhead/stringer method.

You are right Barely, shrinkable plastic is another good alternative. If you remember the Lazair ultralight it was covered with Tedlar, also a clear shrinkable plastic. It was tougher than most. Don't know if its still made. The advantage to even light weight Dacron is its pretty tear resistant and easy to shrink to compound curves, plus finishes nicely.

Have to agree LR has a point about breakage of a super light stringered structure. Hard points could be added at suspected contact points.

I made my daughter a fabric kayak from left over scraps from a resto project. It weighed 12lbs with a hard ply bottom. She still has it though its too small for her now. Is a really pretty wall hanger. Cool thing about this building method is if one works efficiently a shell can be roughed out in a good day once the shape is laid out.

I don't think I would build with less than 1/4" stringers if using Dacron or another highly shrinkable material because of deformation. 1/2" could be used even with out much weight penalty.

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