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Default Re: Bought bottom end from Boy Go Fast, should I be worried?

Originally Posted by fischer550 View Post
Well thanks map bike, but I already got the bottom end from bgf in the mail today. Looks nice, has a big front mount and I don't know if this matters but the piston does measure 1 1/16, not 15/16. I am going to put it on tomorrow and see how it pulls. I asked bgf again about stroke size, and he said 40mm. However, I really do not trust him on that one.
Bgf sells three different lowers so you may have a 40mm stroke engine there, the bgf ngines I have are 40mm stroke engines and two of them are the engines with the wide front mount... I just posted those links for anyone that might be interested and knew you had bought the engine already, I say build it up good and enjoy it, I hope it is a good one all the way around and brings you smiles and fun everytime you start it up and take to the road......

Fred Chelminiski has said that he had got a bgf engine that is a 38mm stroke and that was the basis for my comment originally, but now that I think about it since bgf sells more than one type of lower that could very well mean some are 38mm. And some or one is 40mm stroke.
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