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Default Re: pictures of multiple engine bikes i saw

I never said I had anything against those bikes just to be clear about it, I just question big bikes ability to actually function and even if it did, the carbs and exhaust would not allowthe bike to go any faster than a single engine china girl bike, it doesnt have a small sprocket on the rear best I can tell and "if" it does actually run it would have all kinds of torque possibly.... but less rpm potential than a couple of the bikes I have that have been gps'd @ 45+mph, I have only stated the obvious from what can be seen in the pics as critique not hate.....

Nothing I have said in this thread was meant to be offensive and my apologies if I offended with my comments, people need to be aware that when things like this with claims attached are posted on the forum there will likely be several who will comment based on their knowledge based on what they can see, its all about keeping it real and curiousity and trying to filter out the fluff, It a fact that a multi engine bike can be built but those pics dont show me one that looks to be an actual runner, the small one looks legit but the big one just looks like a talking piece project, nothing about the engines in that pic says performance at all and that is the only point I have been making based on what I see.

Ill leave this alone now, it really doesn't matter to me either way, just commenting on what I can see and what I know those engines would have to be like for that bike to have any level of performance or speed and it just clearly ain't there.

Peace, Map
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