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Default Re: Getting Aero - Speed Gains

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
...Being a avid aircraft restorer I would favor a fabric design. Very easy to fabricate in almost any shape, weather proof and properly built just about the lightest and most economical method out there. And with decent finishing skills, very slick.

I've played a bit with Dacron covered ultralights (owned a Quicksilver MX) & while it's good stuff, you're perhaps familiar with industrial shrink wrap products such as these:

I've used it rather a lot in the marine industry, not that particular retailer (example) but it's the same group of products, including tape, zippers & even louvered vents. Light, durable, strong, easily repairable & best of all cheap, it does require at least a light framework & isn't puncture resistant, ofc.

I've also had some experience with geodesic airolite boats similar to these: while those do use Dacron: the shrink wrap is far easier & cheaper to play with, the ultralight boat's internal hull structure plausible as a basis for a velo, with a nice slippery shape;

Being that an areoshell isn't load bearing, it could be constructed out of little more then 1/8" ply stringers, gussets & epoxy - the entire structure likely requiring no more then a 1/2 sheet of ply & a 12'x8' bit of wrap & a chunk of clear plexi ofc... if one had access to cut offs, it'd be a $20 to $40 project or thereabouts, time not included lol
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