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Default Re: Better gas tank???

Originally Posted by gnarlshark View Post
I am still building my bike and while test fitting the gas tank one of the bolts snapped about 1/4 inch from the tank. I can't see of any way to easily repair this so I guess I have to order a new one. Does anyone make a higher quality tank or are they all pretty much the same? the tank I have also came with some rust in it. I planned to put a liner in it but I don't want to spend money ($30+) on that unless I have a tank that will last. Please help.
Many of the tanks come with's part of the package. Drop in a handfull of pea gravel and shake the heck out of it then flush it with hot water and blow dry it with compressed air before you install the fuel petcock. As for repairing the broken can be done but you need the services of a very good welder. New tanks are available but I'm afraid you're going to find the quality pretty much universal. As for twisting off the stud, this is a problem encountered by many first time builders and not just with the tank. Do not, do not, overtighten any nut or bolt on your engine, chain tensioner or rear sprocket. If it has a lock washer tighten it just enough to flatten the washer then just a slight twist more...very slight. Use Loctite on everything and don't listen to the advice that you need to retorque every time you ride. That's how bolts, screws, and studs get stripped or broken. Check for a new tank but you might want to seek the advice of a local professional welder before you invest in a new fuel tank. Hope this helps.
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