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Default Re: Down To Two Set-ups Which One Should I Choose?

Originally Posted by toker_ace View Post
OK, im ready to buy a new set-up. i can't decide which to choose. the "titan" or the 49cc 4 stroke rear chain drive kit from livefastmotors. there both chinese motors. i think the livefastmotors setup looks a little better than the titan. but, the titan has great reveiws. there both really good set-ups. any help on which to choose would be greatly appreciated.
There are other, 4 stroke vs. 2 stroke. The rack mount Titan is a sweet setup and the engine, centrifugal clutch etc is a nice way to go. Duane (thatsdax) is always there if you need help. That being said, many of the 2 stroke frame mount kits are good too. I have 600 miles plus on my Chris Hill CH-80 with absolutely no problems. The decision should be based on after sales support and parts availability. Something that's unfortunately lacking with many of the ebay sellers. There are pluses and minuses to both routes. Good luck, let us know what you decide to do and ask here if you have other questions.
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