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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

So I made a new pedal chain to replace my recently snapped one. My crooked coaster sprocket was just knocked out of place on the hub, and was just held on by its retainer clip (nice design there). So far so good.
My recent breakdown could be blamed my my quite very fouled plug. It's as black and gooey as I've ever seen so I'm reckoning it's running rich as. Time to learn the art of playing with fuel ratios.
So far so good with fixing my bike right? Well I just was saying that when.....
Lucky I was there as the thin-walled tubing that the kick-stand is welded to ripped out. The bike slowly leaned over, then fell just as I caught it. So I'll guess I'll make up a bulking type bracket and decide on wether I do some welding later (need to borrow one).
Not all bad I guess. I'll put it down to teething with my new bike.
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