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Originally Posted by tyrslider View Post
The monark forks are nice but mine took several hours to get right. There is no lower crown race, the steering tube is too long for my frame and not threaded far enough to cut it down, they were not straight i.e. needed tuning and pivots needed reconfiguration. All and all not a bolt on replacement.

The Sturmey-Archer hub is really nice and will mount right up to the girder. A bit more finiky w/ the springer though. The Sturmey-Archer hubs are my favorite front brake because they are very linear, they stop you fast w/o ever locking up. I stock those hubs and can hand build you a wheel w/ 11 gauge spokes and match your rim or use your existing front rim and save you some duckets.
Thanks Tyr,
I'm so light,. 140lb, that I actually rarely use my front brakes. My rears stop me easily and I'll apply my fronts only if I really want to put on the binders quickly. That Sturmey hub is certainly pretty though and maybe someday I'll look at an upgrade. My main concern was the rough, rigid ride and this springer looked attractive. The threaded portion of the steering tube was just 1/2" longer than my original but with the added thickness of the spring perch I only needed to remove 1/4" and everything fit perfectly. TexasDave warned me about keeping the nuts and bolts tight so I've used Loctite on them and I'll keep a close watch. Thanks again.
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