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Default Re: Over Torqued head bolts =( please help ASAP

Just so you know, 40 years ago in New York I had a motorcycle that I needed just one thread redone on a head. Back then just one re-thread with Heilicoil was costing $20. So actually it just seems unless you already have the whole setup for Heilicoil repair, the cost to buy just individual for one size repair still may mean you best look for some do-gooder at the high-school or replace rather than repair.

Where I am near San Jose, CA there are local places that specialize, but mail order can be done if you really want. The drills bit are special sizes and it is best to get the right bit for the job. A drill press also is handy.

Don't feel bad, I did actually try to drill out a rusted steel bolt on a aluminum cast block and veered into the crankcase.

Funny I can say now, I used a Heilicoil there to plug the veered off drill though and it holds to date. There is high temp red RTV on the threads keeping it sealed along with a split lock washer and a shaped metal block getting the right angle for it to hold. Instead now the fastener for the one of three bolts to hold the recoil flywheel cover I made with a bracket is going to one of the four engine hold down bolts. It is OK too.

Sometimes you can find ways of fixing things not normally done. See about the high school thing. It could be worth the try!


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