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Default Re: Flux-core/MIG for frame welding?

For MIG or TIG with AR 75 percent CO2 25 percent gas mix I would add that note if using electric welder, the amount of time at max amps is limited to 20 percent duty cycle on smaller welders.

With my Hobart Auto Arc 130 Amp welder that runs off 120 VAC Single Phase supply, I should ought stop after 2 minutes on highest amps setting and wait for 8 minutes before starting again. This gets 7/16 thick steel welded OK, but time to finish can be a while.

Pushing it means that even before it thermal cut offs, the welding gets trashy.

I also have to make close zig zag passes on 7/16 inch thick steel and it is really needing more amps to get it done quicker. The welder chart states for thickest steel that flux core "is" to be use. Not sure of the reason. I get by with the multi-pass though and use the inert gas with solid wire with my MIG.

If you have 230 volt available then you can probably get more done quicker with a welder that uses that 2 phase.

Otherwise Oxyacetylene Torch if it is something that can be had.


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