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Default Re: pictures of multiple engine bikes i saw

Originally Posted by double trouble View Post
If you had seen the beautiful welding , you wouldn't say that.
The metal strap you saw might have been the throttle for all engines.
These bikes were works of art and I bet that each one could be ridden .
They were very innovative structurally .
My guess is that the owner was/is a professional race car or motorcycle builder.
This is very professional.
Some of the bikes were 5grrrrr
I did not see a website. Probably why nobody has seen them before.
2door is talking about the thin strap steel bar that all those engines are mounted to on the front, I agree with what he said, that mounting would not be sufficient for supporting those engines very well, it is a nice bike for novelty purposes but not for anything else, just a project with no real use in my opinion, but it is interesting even though I never understood why someone would go to so much trouble and expense on something tbat is basically useless, but we all have our own ways of thinking so nothing wrong with that at all

Thanks for sharing.
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