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Default Re: Bought bottom end from Boy Go Fast, should I be worried?

Theon agree with me or not makes no difference to me, The stroke of the engine being only 2mm difference on the average china girl build will not be noticeable in the torque or overall power, an engine with the shorter stroke can still be a very strong and torquey engine, I used to build some strong small block Chevys back in the day and the only difference between a 350 cid and a 327 cid engine is that the 327 has a 1/4" shorter stroke, and you can get crazy freaking power and better high rpm potential with breaking a rod with the 327 using stock rod length vs the 350 using stock 5.7 length rod.

The point I have been making is that you need to understand not everyone is interested in a 10, 000 rpm all out china girl build and everytime you comment on a thread. Oncerning the china girl engine that is the type of advice you always give, maybe you should think simple a little more and understand that everyone isn't a race engine builder and what. Ounts the most is making sure people understand the simple basics of building their engine so that it runs as good as it can in the mostly bone stock arrangement, hepling people to build their bike up hinking safety above all out performance is what we should peobably concentrate on the most so someone isn't overwhelmed right from the get go with all the loads of high performance mods and junk that most people dont need or even know how to accomplish in the first place... there is an old saying tbat goes like this" keep it simple stupid" I think this needs to be our frame of mind when people are just getting into the hobby and dont even have a clue how these engines work yet.

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