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I don't have a specific answer, but here are some things to think about.

One might be able to put a small rubber wheel on the generator's roller, and thus make it larger in diameter so it would turn more slowly; for instance find an 'O' ring of the right size that would slip over the generator's roller with a tight fit? The rubber wheel is cheap to replace, and will save the tire.

If it's true what I read, the white wire puts out about 7.5 volts at .5 amps. That is enough to charge a small 6 volt sealed battery. Radio Shack had some 6 volt lantern batteries, the kind where the terminals are like small springs; and they also had sealed rechargeable batteries like that. I bought one several years ago, and it's still good.

But, I haven't checked the output of my white wire yet, so I'm not sure if the output is AC or DC. If you want to charge the battery, it has to be DC. But, Radio Shack has some small cheap diodes in a little cube, less than an inch square. The diodes will change the AC to DC and charge the battery. The diodes need a heat sink to stay cool. Take common scissors and cut some aluminum from a pop can, and make your own heat sink, nothing to it.

(I burned out the factory diode rectifier on a small older Honda one time by putting the battery in backwards. Lots of smoke, melted wires, and cuss words; and Honda wanted 31 dollars for the rectifier. The tiny modern Radio Shack rectifier made me want to throw rocks at the crummy Honda rectifier.)
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