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Default Re: Hi Wheel (non motorized) build from scratch

Also got the handle bars and neck sorted out. You can see that he was quite happy with how it was turning out.

NOW he needed to get on with the frame.

He got the back bone of the frame rolled. He used a HF roller and it was fun to watch him radius that 1.5" 1/8 wall tubing. He was tired by the time he achieved what you see. We then used a 1.5" end mill to notch the end to match the head tube and welded it up.

Now we just need to finish the back wheel set the frame length and add the seat post and step peg.

Rear wheel is mounted. We used the front forks from a little 10" kiddy bike. I turned a bushing to fit the steering tube to the frame and welded everything up.

Next we turned a seat post and welded it on. This seat was just for try out. (We will use the leather, triple sprung seat from my motorized bike for the presentation.)

With this much done, he just couldn't resist sitting on it.
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