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Default Hi Wheel (non motorized) build from scratch

Not motorized but still a bike.

My youngest son decided he wanted to build a high wheel bike.

You know, the old timer with the great big wheel in front?
The correct name is an "Ordinary" which later came to be called a Penny Farthing bicycle.

So... off we go...

The wheel will have cranks mounted directly to the axle so the hub assembly was turned to be 3 pieces which will be welded.

Hub flanges were mounted on the rotary table then drilled to accept 72 spokes.

An old 26" mountain bike is being canabalized for some parts. Like the cranks and pedals shown here.

The wheel will be about 47" in diameter. The rim is 1" steel channel. He calculated the spoke spacing based on the spoke length and hub diameter and drilled the channel for spoke nipples.
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