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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

New build, less than 1000km. Runs great. Starts first go always.
Rode it to work today. Nice ride. Worked 13 hours and knocked off late at 1am.
Bike doesn't start. No nothing. Not even a splutter.
So I swore a bit and tried a few times.
Short pedal back to work to check it out. Nothing obvious. All looks normal.
I cuss and think of foul play, but can't think who or why.
Flooded? I empty the float bowl and give it another few goes from the top. No.
To top off the day, as I tried that last time the pedal chain snaps and knocks the coaster sprocket crooked.
More swearing. Admit defeat. Call boss who is nearby. He swoops in like an angel in a 4wd and drops me home. Bike chained in work garage.
Bright side: it happened near work; boss availability; boss has a trailer for the eventual retrieval (as it's a 6foot long chopper). I suppose some tinkering is in order. Some late nights coming up.
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