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Default Re: I Need Cargo Space Any Sugestions

Originally Posted by D.J. View Post
I found it a few years ago and read the article and description . It was from a US competition . The description and site vanished about a year ago . There were more good illustrations but I did not save them . Yes the design is great but the concept originally disturbed me to think of the traffic tye-ups with thousands of these things set loose in a major urban centre . .... D.J.
Thanks D.J. I'll google around and see what I can find.

By the way, about your cargo space problem ... years ago I used to go yardsale-ing on my motorcycle. To haul my treasure I mounted a large, heavy duty wire basket out behind the rear seat. I made a good strong metal frame that bolted to the motorcycle framework to hold the basket. Everything was bolted and lock nutted.

On each side of the basket I securely fastened large, nylon, zippered saddle bags. I also had regular leather saddle bags mounted across the passenger area of the seat. Everything was strong, secure and well mounted. Then I could put "treasure" inside and tie down and/or bunjee everything so nothing bounced or moved around. It worked well as long as I didn't buy anything made of glass!

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