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Default Re: Getting Aero - Speed Gains

I agree with you.
I don't go around looking for thread topics that I'm not interested in, jump on in to spew my negative opinions for effect.
If I don't have anything good to say, I don't say anything at all.
In my experiences some of the time & money I've wasted learning the wrong way to build or about a poor product I will try to post in related threads to possibly save a new member the same aggravation I went thru.
The thread 'Getting Aero-Speed Gains' was meant to blend the bicycle-tricycle HPV community with those interested in EcoModding using the motorbicycle to gain efficiency. I've been fortunate enough to stumble upon both the human powered side of things with fairing recumbents to improve efficiency & motorbicycling, just not both at the same time in history.
I draw inspiration from the Shell Eco Marathon races held each year and the vehicles people produce that yield super-high fuel economy numbers using very small gas engines, super low drag coefficient lightweight bodies, and a bit of ingenuity. Lets face it, gasoline isn't going to be around forever, but probably longer than anyone reading this. Many get into our hobby because they think it would be cool not to have to pedal anymore, some because they lost their ability to license & register a motor vehicle, some cause their spouses won't let them buy real motorcycles, etc..., there could be a vehicle created on this forum capable of most of the necessary attributes for daily commuting to replace the car?
1- weather protection (rain, cold, sun, snow) accomplished by fairings
2- visibilty/safety/stability (again fairings & trike platforms)
3- fuel efficient / aero efficient (fairings)
4- easy of entry & exit + clothes staying clean (raised seating position trike, wheel & under body fairings)
5- exercise (pedal assist)
6- low noise (well muffled, or electric)
7- etc...
BarelyAWake, I'm still leaning towards a tadpole trike like you have (stability), with a few fairing mods to add weather protection, keep the clothes dry/clean & of course fuel/aero efficiency, as well as the visibilty factor (You're gonna see a huge colorful aero shaped teardrop rolling down the road!)...I think front & rear suspension would also be a huge benefit for the everyday commuter vehicle. The Shell Eco Marathon vehicles are all about lightweight & don't incorporate suspension or cabin comfort to try & win their respective prizes.
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