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Default Re: Don't laugh but...

I think the best advice I have would be to remember at all times that you are riding a BICYCLE with extreme (for a bike) speed potential and are far outstripping the original design envelope for the machine.
You need to ride as though it could explode at any second when you're doing more than 10-15 mph....
Look ahead and ride SUPER defensively. Cagers will look you in the eye and pull right out on you 90% of the time. You are invisible to drivers even when they DO see you because you are moving so much faster than a normal bike.
Take it easy your first few rides and try things out to see how your bike does at hard braking, swerves, etc. Go find a smooth grassy field to practice on if you're worried about dumping it while learning.. Grass hurts far less than pavement.
Since you have dirtbike experience, it won't take you long to get the hang of it.
Think slow single speed dirtbike with skinny knobby tires on pavement and you're fairly close...
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