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Default Re: Electrolytic Etching

Inspired by this post I thought I would give this a try, I love to tinker on things, that's why I have a Motorized Bike! I really like the idea of an arrow head So I drew my own in MS Paint, the actually Indian Head I barrowed off the internet and incorporated it into my design. In following the instructions the only thing I did different was I used a salt solution, about 1 1/2 cups dissolved in one liter of water, salt is a lot cheaper than the root killer (Copper Sulphate) For my badges I decided to make a aged look one and a more finished looking one, the aged look one is what I am putting on my bike. The hardest part for me was getting the paper off the Copper plate, not sure if it was my paper I used but I had to do this part over a few times. Its really a interesting project that you should give a try.

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