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Default Re: Don't laugh but...

No laughing, All is good! Here's what I give to new riders.

This is a motorized bike.
Unlike a Motorcycle with a clutch, gears and kick or electric start. Unlike a motorcycle the clutch is not featherable. Meaning you cannot start from a dead stop by slowly releasing the clutch. To start a motorized bike you must pedal up to speed and release / engage the clutch lever on left side handlebar of bike. Once the engine starts you will manipulate speed with the twist grip throttle control on right side of handle bar. In order to stop safely at a stop light or stop sign you must disengage the clutch (Squeeze) to prevent stalling the engine.
You must Disengage (Squeeze) the clutch at every stop.
You must pedal your bike up to speed then release / engage your clutch to be on your way again.
There is a clutch lock button on the clutch lever which you can depress should you wish to leave the engine running while stopped.

Sorry to be redundant everyone. I just used this to help another new rider understand. It was rite here on my desktop.
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