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Default Re: Getting Aero - Speed Gains

Speed and efficiency are related, but not the same. Reducing load in any fashion can result in a faster build - or one that requires less to achieve similar results.

"Speed" is also relative - if someone had a motorized bike with a 30cc helper, they may be interested in areomods to go "faster" and that faster would very likely be on par with a 49cc build, without areomods.

You've quoted "pedaling harder is the cheapest speed upgrade" and while I agree to an extent, it too presumes speed is the outcome... but it's only one application, not the only application. To carry the example areomods to a chassis can be seen like pedal assisting to a motor, should you choose less work or go faster, it's your choice.

I wouldn't have chosen a 49cc four stroke hybrid if my interests were pure speed, I could have halved the weight with three times the horsepower had I chosen a two stroke... a clear illustration that efficiency & speed aren't the same. I chose a four stroke for it's fuel consumption rate and torque, my build a comfy cruiser heavy hauler, trailer in tow. If I choose to aeromod, it'd be with the same goals as the entire build had - comfort and efficiency.

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