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Default Re: Getting Aero - Speed Gains

True, by adding more material and size decreases mobility.
For me when I did this experimentation 16 yrs ago it as more about seeing how far I could push the envelope of human power by getting as efficient thru the wind as possible with a budget. I started with just a front fairing, then a tailbox, then wheel covers, then the whole shebang (except the head). The front fairing did a little, but not much. The rear tailbox, maybe a little but less than the front fairing, The wheel discs, again maybe a little, but not much, but the whole shebang did about 40% (at higher speeds).
Going from faired to unfaired after experiencing the faired advantage was hard to do. I ended up selling all my aero bikes & trikes but kinda wish I didn't. Who knows, maybe one day I'll revive the lust and build up another trike using coroplast and a bubble and motorize it to for fun.
This thread is about discussing 'Getting Aero-Speed Gains'...not really the '20 mph Club'.
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