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Default Re: Don't laugh but...

No problem... I assume you have a 2 stroke engine. When you go to slow for the engine to run just pull in the clutch and pedal. Same thing when you stop. I usually shut the engine off when waiting for a traffic light, but than again I live in the Mojave Desert. Your clutch lever should have a lock position if you don't want to hold the clutch lever in. When the engine bogs down while ridding up hill simply start pedaling to assist the engine, it's called "pedal assist". When coasting down hill and when decelerating in general pull the clutch lever in and let the engine slow to an idle. When decelerating your engine is running high RPM's, but since you are off the throttle it is starving for fuel... fuel is lubricant... insufficient amount of fuel + high RPM's = broken engine

I suggest you go to the newby thread and learn how to maintain your bike. A well maintained bike is a safer more reliable bike to ride.
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