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Default Re: New here, with a DIY Chainsaw Bike

Thank you, BWM! Glad you like it. Seemed like the easiest, most effective way of getting a noisemaker up front. Just a little insurance in case they don't hear the exhaust. I wanted to be as street legal as I could possibly be on a friction drive chainsaw bike, and it just happened to match the color and look.

On the topic of street legal: No trouble from local law so far, and I've seen a bunch. However, I ride respectfully on the shoulder/far right, never on the sidewalk, and give a wave when I see them. I haven't registered it yet either, but I plan to attempt it (as brave as that may sound). Not sure how they're going to take that at the Secretary of State office, but worth a shot.

As it's starting to rain in my neck of the woods, time to park the Diesel for a bit. Helping my Stepdad with an OCC Schwinn Flying Horse build as I type this. Looks like he caught the bug again... He first had the engine on a Huffy cruiser, but hated the jumpy chain tensioner and high ride. Hopefully this one will suit him better. Maybe a pic or two of that on the way.

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