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Default pushing the tickler....Comments and Pictures added

I'm new to the forum and new to the motorized bike building.
My engine is stock out of the box with an NT Carb, mounted on a Chinese Walmart Schwinn bike.
I have installed a centrifugal clutch and the pull start.
when I do a cold start, I must press the tickler 50 to 70 times before it will start.
When I see gas drip from the air filter I 'know' it will crank on the first pull, and so it does. After it starts, and while it is still 'warm' it will crank on the first pull of the rope.......always. (well 98% of the time) It virtually always starts that easy.
I have had the Carb torn down, but was not checking for anything specific.
Is there something to do with the float setting that requires that many pushes of the tickler, or should I look elsewhere?

Is there a know cause for this tickler problem?

Appreciate any assist.

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