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Default Re: Found a Sweet Engine, What Now?

Those cable-driven dual brake levers are so tempting at around $15. I have nearly-new front and rear Stroker Trail hydraulic brakes so I hesitate to move "back" to a mechanical disc setup though.

Have you heard of daisy-chaining the front and rear hydraulic calipers together? Theoretically, this makes using one hydraulic lever easy.

By the way, do you have any front fork recommendations? I had the struts on my car custom-valved to my preferences so I understand the importance of good suspension damping. Do you think independently adjustable compression and rebound force is important for this build?

Is it worth "springing" for this fork?:

Unfortunately, I doubt that a classic "springer" fork is sufficient for 30mph+ cruising.

Also an update:

I discovered that the XR80 carburetor has low and high speed jets. Not wanting to spill gas on myself over and over again while trying to hit the perfect jet combo, I chose to go another direction.

I purchased the Ecotrons Small Engine EFI kit! Hopefully there won't be any re-jetting, choking, etc. in my future. The company claims to provide free tuning support. In fact, they recommend sending in your logs for in-house tuning. I will let you know how it works out.
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