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Default Re: Getting Aero - Speed Gains

Dan & 16V,
Thanks for posting.
The 1st fairing around the Greenspeed trike was a way better setup than the one around the Windcheetah trike. It was more solid & I believe more aero.
The yellow bike Lightning F40 was the fadtest but most dangerous. Being fully faired (except my head) on a 2 wheeler was both fast and scary. In crosswinds & with passing trucks, I had to be extra conscious of the wind that was going to be changing my line. I wouldn't motorized a two wheeled fully faired vehicle.
The 1st trike was awesome. It didnt get me going as fast as the two wheeler (which allowed a hi powered cruising speed of 40 mph) and weighed a bunch more, but definitely stable and great for cold weather (I still don't ride in the rain).
An axle mount kit would have been perfect for that trike since it would still keep the engine noise and fumes out of the fairing and away from my head.
I think it would also benefit from a longer wheelbase especially since motorized would yield faster cruising speeds. Something like Cannonball2 suggested & I added to '2High' the tall bike to extend the wheelbase would be about perfect.
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