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Default Re: Getting Aero - Speed Gains

Such a cool thread. Really enjoy when they come back. TY, Lowracer. And Mrs LowRacer.

Years back did some movie work making giant aquariums and some odds and ends. Kind of amazing. Take a sheet of plastic. Make a mold with "wiggle wood" and just heat it up. Joints with glue were like welds. LOL, I know this from having dropped a finished product a few hrs after it was needed badly. (bad, bad day) It broke every which way except for where it had been glued.

But am thinking aside from speed gains, a DIY faring would be pretty awesome. Rain and cold for instance. Not a really hard DIY?

Har, "drafting" behind large vehicles?
Bad idea. Funny, but really bad.
("Wut happened to your face?" "Truck stopped at a light")

Even some thing like the bulbous bow, I would think would be of great advantage in breaking the wind around you.

Again, great idea LowRacer. With such little power, would be a heck of a boon.
worst apocalypse ever

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