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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Went to go out for a ride yesterday & noticed my rims & spokes were filthy, so I grabbed a rag for a quick polish. Discovered several spokes loose on the front rim. Back rim was okay though, you might think it'd be the other way around with a rag joint mounted sprocket. Fixed it & took off.

Took it out & about in town, must have driven 20 miles or more. Got within 2 blocks of home when motor stalled out going round the corner, refused to turn over after that. Pedaled home. Yanked the plug, still won't turn over, motor locked up tight. I hope it didn't eat the wrist pin bearing or spit out the G clip, I don't want to have to buy a new jug & piston assembly. It was running great too, only a mild vibration at top end after replacing the titanium pin with the original stainless pin. (Retarding the ignition with a Rocket Key did more to soothe the vibes on my Super Rat than the pin swap, no one makes a recurved ignition CDI for the 1-piece magneto/coil like the Lightning or Jaguar CDI).

Pedaling a hundred Lb. bike 2 blocks left me winded & too tired to want to work on it right then, so I parked it, intending to try again today. But now the wife has a couple projects for me to do, fix the wash machine & mother's leaky garbage disposal. Maybe later...
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