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Default Re: Compression too high.

Well, she's up and running. Temporarily disconnecting the jack shaft and using the direct drive sprocket to get her started worked nicely. Once I get the engine tuned in I'll go back to he jack shaft.

I have a few questions maybe I can get somebodys input on. I can now start the engine but, getting it started does require getting up some speed by riding down hill. I haven't been able to get it started by just pedaling and, I'm a long way from being one of those people that just picks up the back end and gives it a kick.

I'm please it starts and runs but it still needs some work. The engine won't idle, but that's probably just a matter of adjusting the idle speed. What I'm questioning though is what happens when it has to pull a load. Lets say I'm riding up a long gradual hill. At 1/2 throttle it seems to run pretty well. If, however, I then suddenly hit the throttle it'll just bog down. At that point I have to go back to 1/2 throttle before it dies. I'm thinking that it boggs down because it's starving for fuel. I think I can confirm this because restarting the engine, even after its been run for 10 minutes or so, and should be getting warm, usually requires using the choke. Assuming I'm right, and it is a lack of fuel, would I now move the carb's mixture needle up or down. I'm guessing up, which would mean moving the clip one notch closer to the needle's tip. Correct?

How sensitive are these engines to the ambient temperature? Here in VT were still just a little above freezing, say 35-40 deg.F.

I'm having a lot of fun with this motorized bicycle stuff, and happy I found this forum. Your suggestions are always appreciated. Hopefully I'll be able to help one of you as well.

Best - Geo in vt
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